Construction Risk Management

& Quality Control Services

RWC has extensive experience studying exterior building failures which enables us to foresee potential problems and sidestep them.  Our quality control services will provide an additional level of quality management to your project, verifying that key steps are taken so as to achieve project goals and maintain a high performance, weathertight building envelope.

The process begins with a thorough review of the project plans and specifications. Additional construction details, specifications, and direction will be provided where unclear or lacking.  Constructability issues will be resolved cost-effectively and in keeping with the original design intent.  Subcontractor agreements will be evaluated to ensure that their responsibilities and scopes of work are well understood and appropriate and that they have sufficient insurance coverage.

Comprehensive site inspections will be performed at appropriate stages during construction to ensure compliance with contract documents, industry best practices, and applicable building codes.  Our services can result in substantial savings in insurance premiums and are aimed at quality construction and risk transfer from the onset to prevent loss and exposure after project completion.